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Training Administration

At mantra, we recognise that administering training can be a time-consuming, repetitive, sometimes frustrating and sometimes complex task. That’s why our training administration service provides a single point of contact to book and authorise any form of training activity.

You have access to our experienced training advisors who are there to make sure that the training you select is the best possible available and who can advise on accreditations, certifications, exams and curriculum paths. All of this allows you to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with finding the right training and making bookings, while allowing you to focus on the more strategic aspects of learning.

Supplier Management

We deal with the suppliers so you don’t have to! No one supplier ever provides all the training you need which is why many organisations spend a large part of their training effort on finding, validating and negotiating with multiple suppliers. mantra is a vendor-neutral provider of training which means that we don’t have our own portfolio of courses we need to sell, but work with you to define your requirements, find the training options that best fit those requirements from a network of independent training organisations and then make and discuss recommendations, ensuring you are fully aware of all the training options available, before agreeing a budget to procure the training.

Training Outsource

People management is one of the most important tasks of any HR department today and delivering the right employees, culture and environment can often consume most HR resources leaving little time or resource left to efficiently manage the learning and development function. mantra can help by delivering a full training outsource function whereby our resources effectively become your resources, working closely with you just like a full-time member of staff would, but with the added benefit of our 360 degree view of the training industry across multiple industries and regions.


More and more organisations are looking to evaluate the effectiveness of their learning function and that means more than just filling in a ‘happy sheet’ after a training event. While this information is valuable in measuring the success of that event, it does not help when measuring the effectiveness of that training on a person’s ability to perform their job. That is why at mantra we look at evaluation from a broader perspective incorporating techniques from industry experts such as Kirkpatrick, Phillips, Brinkerhoff, etc that not only evaluate the effectiveness of an event, but what effect that training has had on the business, right through to the likely return on investment for an entire training programme.

Management Intelligence

Without the appropriate management intelligence, how can you demonstrate the impact of learning on your business? That’s why at mantra, our dedicated online Learning Management System (link to page below), provides the tools and reports that gather the management intelligence you need to make informed decisions about your training function. This helps not only in planning your learning strategy, but also allows you to better plan staff appraisals, create personal development plans, better control and manage costs, plus much more. Moreover, through our bespoke reporting service, we provide customised intelligence, including graphical charts and dashboards allowing you to meet your specific needs no matter what they are.


In today’s globally competitive business world, cost-effective learning and development practice has never been so vital when it comes to maintaining a talent pool that maintains your organisation's competitiveness. mantra can help, by sharing best practice in needs analysis, curriculum development, evaluation and administrative processes. Our extensive and independent knowledge of the learning industry spans multiple industry sectors, all subject areas and all delivery media. This gives us a unique position from which to advise our clients on the most effective and efficient ways to deliver learning.