Learning Management System

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Practical event management at a practical price!

Our Learning Management System, EMMA, is a cloud-based solution that allows you to monitor, track and manage any training from any location using any device.

Event Management

  • Monitor and track all training events, per year, per department, per location or per cost-center
  • Advertise public events which employees can then self-enrol
  • View the results for every training event ever conducted
  • Track and report on event attendance

Employee Management

  • Submit training requests for authorisation and see which have been requested, approved or declined
  • Allow employees to self-enrol on training events
  • Allow employees to review their own training records
  • Track all training attended by an employee
  • Track which professional certifications/accreditations each employees has

Cost Management

  • Track the cost of each training event
  • Track cost savings if an event is procured through mantra
  • Track the cost of all travel and accommodation related to training events
  • Track all costs per event, per department, per location or per cost-center

CPD Management

  • Track an employee’s CPD record.
  • Allow employees to submit CPD reports
  • Auto-update an employee's CPD record if they attend an event
  • Get a tally of CPD hours per employee, department, location or cost center

Management Intelligence/Reporting

  • Capture post-course evaluations after each event
  • Evaluate training ROI with behaviour change and business impact reporting
  • Generate Employee Reports, Event Reports, Cost Reports and Certification Reports
  • Generate reports on any of the above, per department, location or cost center

With prices ranging from £75 to £150 per month (for the whole system, not per person), why not call us for a demonstration and transform how you manage your training today.